Post, Like, Comment, Share... and why every brand should!

Kevin Chenault - Blackstrap Media

Kevin Chenault

Creative Director at Blackstrap Media

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Let's Be Social

Grab a pint and let’s imagine that it’s 2004 and “Social Media” consists of Myspace and Friendster. The world wouldn’t be revolutionized by the most popular social media platform until 2006, when Facebook opened it’s doors and allowed anyone over the age of 13 to create an account. Hello, Facebook, and welcome to the world of digital advertising along the likes of Google Adwords and email newsletters. When Facebook went public in 2012, the pressure for them to begin making money became even greater and this is when Facebook became a serious Ad Platform. Facebook had earned the undying support of it’s like obsessed community and could now launch an advertising function called “Beacon” that totally bombed right out of the gate, but hey who even remembers that? (Besides a small media company called CBS.)

Social Media Advertising isn’t the future of Advertising. It’s the current state of Advertising.

Even with a handful of failures and issues with their advertising platform, Facebook remains the most powerful social media company and it is absolutely due to our ability as brands, businesses, artists and agencies to create a voice on both Facebook / Instagram and potentially converse with millions. 

I like talking about why it’s important not to treat Social Media as if it were a stagnant billboard, but as an opportunity to engage with your audience. I’m all about metaphors, so let’s roll with the billboard example. Instead of a stationary billboard on the side of the road where few people have the desire to grab a can of spray paint and climb 30 feet in the air in order to spray paint a message, with social media your billboard is ground level and your audience already has a can of spray paint in their hand ready to voice exactly how the feel about your business. This is scary to some companies that feel there may be a loss of control. Completely wrong… social gives us opportunities. 

My perspective is that a brand rarely has control over their message within traditional advertising. When a car drives by the previously mentioned billboard and 1 of the 5 passengers just so happen to look up from their iPhone long enough to see a brand’s message, there isn’t an opportunity for that brand to reply or follow up. Comparing that experience to the possibly “scary” but far more engaging social media post, if someone comments on the post you are placed in the historically impossible opportunity of making a positive brand impression, to change a mind, or to just say “thanks.” 

So, for those companies who may be a little nervous about taking the plunge into social media, I would suggest that there is no time like the present. 

Billboards tell, while social media asks for engagement and it’s an amazing opportunity for all businesses to #besocial. I know that we at Blackstrap Media try our best to create, post, listen, and most of all be social. ~ Cheers 🍻