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Christopher Simon - Blackstrap Media

Christopher Simon

Web Developer & Visual Media Designer at Blackstrap Media

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Kick Out The Jams

In the early hours of any morning at Blackstrap HQ, when pot number one of the day’s coffee is brewing, one of the first important decisions made is what music playlist or artist to play on Spotify. Music is a massive part of all of our lives. Our creative director Kevin, our design wizard Ryan, and myself are all musicians. The work we create daily, the attitude and style of it, is immeasurably influenced by countless artists and albums. It seemed like a natural fit for us, as an advertising agency deeply involved in the world of social media, to have our own company Spotify account to create and share our favorite playlists with our social media followers.

Spotify does indeed have a ‘Spotify For Brands’ platform for businesses, which we are currently eagerly exploring. However, we wanted an actual account to share music - not to advertise. Is it weird for a business to share music playlists? We don’t think so. Besides, weird is good and we're rolling with it. We love the idea of sharing the music that inspires us and the songs on heavy rotation in the office. Between everyone at Blackstrap Media, there’s so much musical diversity from one day to the next reverberating off of our walls. We invite you to join our little party - follow Blackstrap Media on Spotify!

For our inaugural playlist, we’ve decided to celebrate the upcoming appearance of Deer Tick at this year's ParksFest Music Festival in Evansville, Indiana, on September 8th. We are stoked to see them play right down the street from our office. Kevin and Ryan have compiled a playlist of their favorite Deer Tick songs. Click below to enjoy 'Deer Tick is coming to Evansville!', and follow our Spotify account for many more upcoming playlists!